As another year draws to a close and yet another is about to begin, something that happens with seemingly increasing frequency as I get older, it’s time to look ahead, also once again. It’s best to look ahead because the good old days, as they call them, are rarely all that good and usually at best just old.

I guess you can take solace in the fact that two of our elections and the major one in the US are over and The Cabal at the Niagara Region was rolled up in electoral defeat this past year. And, if you are one of those who really thought that Kathleen Wynne was all that bad, you might be satisfied that she was defeated in this past year, to be replaced by, ugh, Ontario’s own Trump Lite, Doug Ford. And there’s certainly no reason to be sad that the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority is being shaken up to its core (I hope).

On the other hand, and bad enough to maybe cancel all of these other things, is that hot, ignorant wind blowing across the border from Washington.

But the New Year is ahead of us and hope, as they say, springs eternal.

We can ignore that there is yet another election is due this year. And, while I don’t think our Prime Minister is anything near perfect, we can surely do a lot worse. Just listen to the news coming from the south. We already had our turn with a climate-denying, scientist-gagging news denier.

We can also ignore the interprovincial fighting going on across Canada. It may seem unusually strident, but it goes up and goes down without ever seeming to go away and just becomes so much background noise. In fact, bad feelings between Provinces and other Provinces, and Provinces and the Feds is as old as Confederation and as Canadian as maple syrup (which Albertans are boycotting because les Quebecois don’t want their oil).

But, if you ignore politics, as so many Canadians have done during election after election, there are still things to look forward to. For one thing, so far as we know, there will be a next year. If you like snow, they say we’re supposed to get plenty. If you don’t like snow, however, don’t worry because they are very rarely right. And don’t forget, if things continue as they have, we should get ever longer and hotter summers. Maybe eventually you’ll be looking forward to the snow.

But, for now, it’s New Year’s Eve and, like every year at this time, we make those New Year’s Resolutions, many likely the same as the ones we made last year and the year before. But don’t tell anyone what they are: keep them to yourself.

Because, don’t forget the old saying, “If you want to hear God laugh, just tell him your plans.”

And, if not Him or Her or They, there’s a good chance your friends will.

But because tomorrow is another day and hope just keeps on springing…



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