Well, it’s been over a week now and, quite frankly, it’s already becoming somewhat tedious. Used to a half dozen meetings or more a week and otherwise just meeting with others over projects every day, I’m getting a bit antsy. Better than being very ill, but still not good.

Reading the news is getting a bit heavy with COVID-19 essentially the only news around. Even the sports ant entertainment feeds are all about who has the bug. As if I care. It almost makes me miss headlines about Justin Timberlake’s latest girl trouble…actually, no, I can’t imagine ever missing that.

My friends Bob Liddycoat and Cathy Pelletier just came back from their stay in Florida after retiring from, about a month earlier than they had intended. In case you missed it, Cathy had a humorous piece in there just today about their harrowing run for the border. Although they don’t really want to be back, welcome back anyways. There are just some indeterminate amount of months left until we can all go back to normal…I hope.

So, I’ve cleaned up much of my office, started and gave up on the basement, gone for lots of walks, read a half dozen books, and washed my hands so many times I can’t feel them anymore. Now, all there’s left to do is to start writing this blog once again.

One thought on “ALL THAT’S LEFT TO DO…

  1. I’ve never been a smoker…but I think I’m beginning to know the feeling of “withdrawal”…from the repetitious barrage of CoVid19 by the MainStream Media…trying to avoid it…and staying off the Internet every day when it is not raining and I can be OUTSIDE from 9am to dusk…doing Spring yard work!

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