I can’t help but reading the news every day. I know, it’s maudlin and depressing, but it’s like what they say about watching car wrecks. It’s terrible and I know it isn’t going to be good, but I just can’t turn away.

Everywhere are numbers of exposed people, body counts, plunging stock markets, tips for surviving the grocery store or take-out containers, and new records that no one wanted to see broken Well, maybe a psychopath or two. And there are politicians, like our Prime Minister interrupting my episodes of Hogan’s Heroes every day, telling us to stay home and here are the latest giveaways your money is buying you today. These giveaways are mostly good things, mind you, We just have to remember the why. You can pay for them later. For now, just try to hang on.

Nobody’s talking about the things that mattered a couple of weeks ago. I’ve seen no mention of pipelines or the blockades going up all over Canada. Deficits are now apparently a figment of imaginations, as witnessed by the daily rounds of government giveaways. Wexit and Brexit have become mostly just funny words.

Nobody seems to care about the race (the slowest one ever) for the leadership of the Federal Conservatives any more, if anyone ever did, except maybe for a candidate or two. The only place politics is still alive and as well as it has been is the U.S., where the Democratic leadership race stumbles along and President Trump continues to ignore his advisors, leading him to do strange and likely dangerous things.

And do you remember Global Warming? It was at one time the only other thing in our news except for U.S. politics and the aforementioned transportation disruptions. Now, nary a whisper from that intrepid Norwegian teenager, Greta Thunberg. No “How dare you!” to the people of her own generation who think that partying is more important than preventing the spread of COVID-19. The only mention I’ve seen is her urging that environmental gatherings be carried out remotely and electronically.

I’m sure that news outlets, who can also not turn away from a car wreck, are only trying to make us aware of the dangers and immediacy of the present pandemic. But the stories often show that it may not be working because of those who don’t believe or don’t care, who go on doing whatever they want anyways.

But, as the big numbers in the headlines become harder and harder to wrap our heads around, the stories may only serve to make to make us depressed or, at the least, make us numb.

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