It used to be that you could count on certain things. You could count on school every week day, except PD days, holidays, summers, and rotating teachers’ strikes. You could count on walking out of your house and running into all manner of people, whether you wanted to or not. You could count on going to the store and buying most things you needed, such as toilet paper, just about any time of any day. You could count on being able to go to the park any time you liked, except after sundown, and walk or sit on the grass or watch your kids play in the playground.

For a time, you could count on Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford to do all kinds off things that didn’t seem to make any sense and you could also count on him to be defensive, belligerent and dismissive of any criticism, whether constructive or otherwise. You could also depend on him to pinch pennies, no matter how injurious the action could be.

All, apparently, things you can’t count on more. Premier Ford has surpassed all expectations in the COVID-19 crisis. He’s been decisive and empathetic and went right into action. Now, you might say that surpassing all expectations really wasn’t hard because we didn’t have any, but I’m being quite sincere when I say that he’s stepped up admirably and probably as well as anyone and better than many.

I never thought I’d see the day when I could say anything good about a Conservative. It took sixty-three years, but it finally happened.

In fact, here in Canada all or at least most of our politicians (I have to qualify that, since I don’t know all or even most of them) have come together quite well in dealing with this emergency, unlike their counterparts across the border who seem determined to fight each other more than the virus. There’s still some politicking going on here, especially at the senior levels, although more of it with some than others. They really can’t help themselves, I suppose. But, for the most part, there has been an unprecedented amount of cooperation and common sense. In fact, it’s so unnatural, it’s downright scary, but welcome anyways, especially now when we need them.

I do have to say that I’m a bit disappointed with Andrew Scheer, however, for stuffing a small plane with his family, even if they avoided “speaking moistly on each other.” 

But if any of you are totally weirded out by this unusual behaviour, don’t worry. This will be over eventually and then it’s likely that the Liberals will go back to being entitled, Conservatives will go back to being against just about everything, nobody will remember that there is an NDP or Green Party, and the Provinces will go back to fighting with the Feds.

And, I fear, Premier Ford will try to eliminate the deficit spending brought on by COVID-19 by cutting health care and schools.

But, in the meantime, I tip my hat to Doug Ford for a job well done.

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