There’s are only a handful of news (news, not personal interest features) items that show up in news feeds day after day after depressing day. It isn’t that they aren’t important but, absent any new real information, they’re all just rehashed old information or comments that fill out their space requirements with explanations of what the issue is all about as if there might be anyone alive (or dead) who doesn’t know by now.

But there’s one thing that very few write about, mostly because no one knows much about it or cares enough to find. And so, herein is offered a little (very little) advice to those vying for the Conservative leadership hopefuls, the winner among them, many will be surprised to know, will be picked on Sunday. Apparently there are still four of them and someone presumably knows who they are, but it’s hard to care who the Conservatives choose to lose the next election.

In short, it’s this: before you run in the next federal election, count to see how many citizenships you hold, just in case there are any you’ve forgotten about. If the number is higher than one, you might consider thinning that number down.

Remember, while black face and ethics violations are definite no-no’s, there’s nothing Canadians resent more than divided loyalties, especially if the other side of the divide is American.

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