There’s a lot of talk going around lately about a fall federal election in Canada. Whoever is responsible does so at their peril because we all know it would be entirely politically self-serving.

Calling an election to fall in the middle of the greatest crisis of our generation is the most stupid and irresponsible thing they could do. Especially since we’ve all been told to expect a resurgence or “second wave” at about that time. Elections Canada is talking about requiring two days or more for polling due to allowances for social distancing, etc. as things stand right now.

Do they think that people will line up around the block to vote for at least two days? If they do (which I doubt) they should give their heads a shake and picture the reality; the lowest voter turnout in history as people just don’t bother to stand in another long line-up just to vote. Don’t forget, a great many people don’t need much reason to stay home on election day, despite claiming to be all for democracy. Of course, the politicos may feel that’s to their advantage, since that tens to take the unpredictable “undecided” vote out of the picture.

Whether Trudeau triggers an election by purposely being unreasonable in his throne speech, or O’Toole (the new Conservative leader, in case you didn’t know) leads a non-confidence motion, or Singh supports said motion, or all of the above, any involved in triggering a fall election this year can forget about campaigning at my place. Even if the only vote left is the Greens, as long as the responsible parties are voted against.

And surely there are plenty of others who feel the same way.

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