Just a quick wrap-up of the few interesting items at Thorold Council Last night:

  • In his report, Mayor Ugulini mentioned the annual AMO Conference last month which, like most everything else these days, took place on Zoom. The Thorold delegation, at times with the Region, attended four provincial ministry meetings, reporting Thorold’s federal/provincial Phase One recovery grant at $768,669. He also reported that he and staff met with Brock University staff to discuss the upcoming school year and what it would look like, how much housing would be needed, transit requirements, etc. And being a long-time hockey fan, the mayor also announced that the previous night was Thorold’s own Connor Timmins’ first NHL game, suiting up for the Colorado Avalanche.
  • The mayor noted that the MTO announced that the Thorold Tunnel would be closed a half-hour before Council could announce it and would hopefully be open by 6:00 a.m. Thursday, September 3.
  • Before the regular business of Council, there was a public meeting concerning amendments to the Official Plan and Zoning By-Law (the old one, since the new one is still being appealed). The amendment is to change the land use for a property at 2350 Gainer Rd. in Allanburg. The property, which is at the corner of Gainer and Henderson, would use two existing buildings for a hockey training facility with reviewing room and offices, which would see about twelve students at a time. The only new structure would be a shed attached to the side of one of the buildings for a chiller. There were a number of speakers against the project, citing traffic, parking, safety, noise (from the chiller mostly), loss of property values, privacy issues, impact on the area’s character, and leading to further development.
  • Thorold adopted a reworked street naming policy last night. Among the provisions was a committee to add names to the approved list and a requirement that the names be easily pronounced, which begs the question of by whom they should be easily pronounced, since there are a great many Eastern European and Asian names that many Europeans might not be able to pronounce. They will also not be considering names that already exist in the City, which prompted Councillor DeRose to ask about the existing problem of a number of roads named Hansler with various descriptives, such as Road, Street, etc. (Not to mention two a Towpath Road and a Towpath Street at opposite ends of town.

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